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Our work and our approach to institutional investors, developers, high net-worth families and not-for-profit organizations.

Integral Strategic Real Estate proudly provides an individualized investment approach to a diverse group of stakeholders from institutional investors to high-net-worth families. Thirty years in the industry has transformed our best practices and developed our phased, pragmatic and trusted process for Investments, Asset & Portfolio Management and Advisory services.

In these challenging and changing markets, we see exceptional investment opportunities to partner, problem solve and identify value not uncovered by others.

With three decades of experience in managing and transacting more than $4 billion in acquisitions, dispositions, financing and leasing transactions across Canada for income and development properties, we are able to actively pursue strategic investments. In these challenging and changing markets, we see exceptional opportunity to problem solve and identify value not uncovered by others.

The success of our asset & portfolio management reflects our insight into building long-term value and legacy.

Our extensive background in portfolio, asset and property management, as well as capital planning, makes us uniquely positioned to share our expertise and insight. Our history of professional fund management means we are equipped to oversee simple to complex portfolios. In these uncertain times, we provide the steady, experienced perspective that allows for nuanced, reflective decisions that optimize value.

We proudly provide our strategic advice with transparent and frank perspectives.

We see every opportunity as distinct, with its own set of solutions. Renowned for our creative problem-solving, our decades of experience has honed our insight into every class of real estate, from residential — across market and affordable rental housing, condos and seniors housing — to industrial warehouses, office buildings, retail and land development. Working in BC, Alberta, Ontario and Quebec has allowed us to proudly build a network of trusted relationships among various partners, consultants and authorities across Canada. We work together to put every real estate investment on a productive path toward long-term success.